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Annual Conference: August 28 - September 01, 2022


David Rykken

David Rykken has more than 20 years of experience in public service working with all levels of government. He has worked for HHS at headquarters in DC for the last 12 years as a Supervisory Management Analyst, a Senior Emergency Management Specialist and a Supervisory Public Health Advisor.

Prior to working for HHS, David was the Chief of the Ancillary Services in the Republic of Palau.  In addition to his experience in health care administration, he has spent several years doing overseas development work in African and Asian countries and has taught business and English courses in Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey. 

David has a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Leadership and Management from the Fiji School of Medicine, an MPH in Policy and Administration from the University of North Carolina and a Diploma from the United States Naval War College as well as a BA from St. Olaf College and a teaching certification in ESL.

David has organized and conducted HSEEP, NIMS, OSHA, Hazmat, Grants Management, First Responder, Communications and other competency-based trainings. He has taught all of the Graduate School courses that lead to the Certificate in Grants Management and stays current on issues related to oversight and monitoring of contracts and grants.

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